Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Europe and Tax Harmonisation

'This is highly unlikely,' contend, 'There are influential figures in the EU who have been pushing for tax harmonisation across EU countries for some time now, and while it is unlikely to happen as Britian would veto any move towards this, it would kill the goose that lays the golden egg for Monaco, and far from leading Monaco to the world stage on important issues like the environment and the Third World, it would lead Monaco to being little more than a European backwater with the Grand Prix and casino as her main attractions'.

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Due to her tax status property prices in Monaco are among the highest in the world.

Typical of Monaco real estate prices are a one bedroom apartment without views of the Mediterranean at 880,000 Euros - after closing costs nearer to a million - 1,950,000 Euros for a two bedroom apartment, and expect to pay between three and four million Euros for a good three bedroom apartment with sea views and parking space.

Buyers from the UK have increased significantly in the last couple of years, and demand from them has helped push property price inflation to close to ten per cent a year.

For the future, YourMonaco predict that prices will continue to rise for the short and medium term, but are keen to state that real estate, like any other commodity, can dip in value on occasion as well as rise.

Aside from the obvious tax advantages residents enjoy, many buy for the race in May which draws ten of thousands of tourists to the Principality at the end of May on an annual basis, while the Monaco Yacht Show in September is an increasingly popular event.

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Money From Home

Working at home is much easier with all of todays technologies, and the opportunities are endless. A college degree isn't a necessity in today's online "make money" world. To start making money online, only takes little in start up costs and a little determination.

Many people working from home enjoy a life that runs at their own pace, without the stresses of day to day ie. traffic, time-consuming 9 - 5 jobs, bills (because they've obviously quit there day jobs and make enough money to live their dreams).

So even though you may be looking for that perfect online job/employment, it always pays to have a little skepticism, not all "make money sites" a legit, make sure you do your research before you hand over your credit card number.

Right now, there are alot of work-at-home opportunities that are totally fraudulent. They're recruiting unknowing consumers world wide to ship stolen money or goods out of the country."

There are alot of people recruiting naive job seekers, who have no intention of providing these people with Legitimate online employment, but to use them in one scam or another.

For example, A women types into her computer "online job" and up comes a company name and contact. The contact says the job would be to cash money orders and cashiers checks sent to her from customers and then to wire the contact the money. When the checks start coming in, and the women wires the money to her contact, she realises that these customers who have sent her their money have not recieved the item that they had purchased. Of course, the women is left to deal with a lot of angry customers (there never was any item/product in the first place) and her contact is no where to be found.

* If someone sees positions involving reshipping goods or cashing checks for overseas companies or individuals, definitely pass them up.

* If you're buying online, never send cashier's checks or money orders. Use PayPal or your credit card for protection.

* Don't wrongly assume there is a screening process when a site promotes job opportunities.

* Never give personal financial information to a prospective employer, even if it's suggested that it's for a background check.

It all comes down to buyer beware, but always make sure there is a money back guarantee. Go to LegitOnlineJobs for 100% Legitimate Jobs

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